I’ve had back pain for as long as I can remember, and it is worsened by my daily activities. Since coming to MOVE and getting therapy, those daily activities are easier, and I feel much better thanks to Crystal and the rest of the MOVE team who are all knowledgeable in what they do. I won’t go anywhere else. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Pink Physical Therapy Patient - XERT Client

Move is a great facility with caring staff that truly want to help you improve your performance and lifestyle. My daughter has gone through sports performance training that has improved her indoor/beach volleyball game. The physical therapy I have receiived has improved my motion. And they provide you the training to help yourself feel better. Absolutely awesome!!!!

Robyn Asher XERT patient mother of Layni who gets Sports Training - MOVE Client

As a beach volleyball player looking to take my game to the next level, training with chad has made all the difference. Not only has Chad helped me become more dynamic and explosive he has also taught me so much about what it takes to be great at my sport. He always explains how each movement applies to improving my game. Chad’s favorite live is “be an athlete” which is something I constantly think about before going into practice or a big match. Training at MOVE has helped me prepare for college athletics as well as get an upper hand against opponents. I have already improved my athleticism so much since I began training at MOVE performance and I can’t wait to keep seeing the results. My favorite thing about training with Chad is how much knowledge he has, I always feel like I learn something new after every sessions!

Sand Volleyball
Cierra Flood "ASU Sand Volleyball Player" - MOVE Client

I don’t write reviews. Ever. Not good ones or bad ones. You know what they say, opinions are like ….. and everyone has one. This time I am making an exception and writing a review on MOVE Performance Training Google “Sports Training Gilbert AZ” and in .6 seconds you will have over 10million options to look at. You can pour over websites and read reviews for hours. Not sure who has time for that, but go ahead if you do. Or you can let me save you a lot of time. I am not really 100% sure that I could tell you how I came across MOVE Performance, it may have been because I lived less than a mile away and I drove by their location no less than 4 times every day, but then again, from the nondescript store front and elusive logo, I don’t think that made me take a second look. It might have been when a friend said “You have a couple of athletes, and our neighbor trains athletes, you should check them out”. Or it might have been the curious text I sent to owner Chad Dunn that changed the legacy of my family forever. I was not and will never be an athlete. But I am aware that my student athletes both needed more than what they were getting in their school and club programs. One wanted faster reflexes for swim and the other wanted to jump higher for volleyball. We had tried a couple of other gyms and trainers and some brought some success but all lacked something to keep my athletes engaged. They both wanted something a little different. Then along came Chad and Jackie. In the nicest way I can possibly say it-they are 100% different than anyone else out there. What I mean by that is they both train and produce the results the same way as any one else, but the commitment to their athletes is like nothing you will find anywhere else. Both of them have 1000% committed themselves to making my children not only better athletes but also better humans in the process. They have been with all of us for the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They are the first text after a best race or an amazing game, and the first reach when things don’t go as planned. For my athletes. they are the sounding board when a parent’s voice is not what they want to hear. Chad never backs down from the hard conversation, and always finds a way to say what needs to be said in an encouraging and motivating way. I could share with you stats on how in the past year my volleyball player has increased her vertical, or how my swimmer fires off the block faster, but to be honest, none of it matters. What matters to me most is that MOVE Performance has stood by our side in our quest for raising really great humans who are committed to the love of fitness and wellness and will always choose to MOVE for the rest of their lives. Save yourself some time from looking anywhere else. Take my word, there is no better place for you become a better athlete than MOVE Performance. Chand, Jackie, and the team are truly the best you will find anywhere.

Mary Ellen Androsky - MOVE Client

The first time I walked into MOVE was about a year ago and I immediately recognized an entirely different atmosphere from other "gyms" I had been in! I was finally in the right place - I don't know why or how, but I just knew this was where I was meant to be! I came to MOVE through one of my grandkids who was working with Chad for training and sports injury rehab! The kids came to visit me and talked about how amazing this "guy" was and I should go in to see if he could do something about my hip! When I called for my appointment, Jackie talked like we were already old friends, knew who I was and that I was the kids' grandmother....I should have known from that first call, this was going to be "different." When I went for my appointment, my inner self was pretty nervous because I thought, "this probably isn't going to work for me" - the floor was full of kids/athletes - and, I wasn't worried about running, flipping, tackling, hitting, etc! I was there for simpler things like, "how am I going to get enough flexibility back in my hip just to tie my shoe!!" A big gap between those kids and my "goal." But then I started looking around and there were all ages - young to mature - all body types and fitness levels. I had a hip replacement 16 years ago and then a full revision 4 years later so it had been 12 years since my surgery when I hit the door at MOVE! And, I had not been the ideal rehab patient post surgery, but instead I went right back to work - sitting, flying, driving....all those things that aren't great for getting hips back to doing what they are supposed to! I share the above just to emphasize how different being at MOVE feels. I resembled a block of concrete with minimal flexibility, a pretty significant limp, wimpy strength and several extra pounds of "travel" weight. The moment I first walked in, I didn't have that feeling of judgement or self consciousness that usually comes with going into a "a place of exercise." Instead, I received a huge smile and welcome from Jackie, and Chad was already figuring out what was working and what "wasn't." I knew change was going to happen! They embrace and support you physically and emotionally, and give 100%+ support for achievement of your goals! They expect the best you can give and we all know they genuinely care about each of us! I don't feel like a "client"--I feel like I have a family - Jackie's knowledge (and hugs) and the accountability she holds me to and Chad's amazing mind is always turning- he never stops thinking about the possibilities and how to make something work even if it is outside of "normal"- and his ability to relate every MOVE to a function, no matter what age, what sport, or if it is just figuring out what has to happen to tie your shoe! I have seen so many people make changes over this year, including me, with guidance and support from Chad and Jackie. I have more flexibility and strength than I have had in years and I will reach my goal! And those extra "work travel" pounds are gone. Thanks Chad and Jackie from my heart! MOVE is not a "gym" - it is a LIFESTYLE, a CULTURE and a FAMILY! Also, another great addition with Crystal recently joining the team! She is a gem and highly skilled in her profession of physical therapy and a natural fit with everyone. It is an awesome benefit having her there to work on injuries or to just keep everyone well and on the MOVE! I love being at MOVE - as soon as I walk in I hear - Hi Baby Doll and Hi Mama! And I know I'm glad I'm here, I have great support, and it's time to get my body going and make it MOVE! Judi Christie

Judi Christie - MOVE Client

I have been going to Move Human Performance for 8 months now. Every workout is a little bit different so it never gets old. Chad is always excited, happy, and challenging me to get stronger and faster. This is an environment where you can learn the fundamentals of working out and how it affects your body. I have lost my dad bod, reduced body pain, and felt better ever since going to Move.

Darrell Waller - MOVE Client

I joined MOVE in October and did not realize the impact Jackie, Chad and the family at MOVE would have on me. I started with Boot camp and had no clue that I would be motivated to make permanent changes in my entire life forever. I love the positivity, and overall environment as well as not feeling like just another client. I have definitely gained a family. Yes, I wanted results and was a scale watcher, but was encouraged in other ways to see my results. I have lost 70 pounds so far but have become stronger both mentally and physically. I have achieved things I did not think were possible in the beginning and strive for so much more thanks to the MOVE family experience! One of the best Sports Performance Training Center.

Andria at Sports Performance Training Center
Andria Marten - "Weight Loss Client Who Has Lost 70lbs So Far" - Move Client

Chad has helped me become the best athlete I could be. My skills have improved a lot within a couple months of sports performance training at MOVE. I feel like I am in great condition and more strong. My game on the sand court has been better compared to last years season. I am so glad that I joined MOVE because it made me the best version of myself as an athlete. I appreciate all of the tips and guidance he has given me.

Liz at Sports Performance Training
Liz Melita - "Boise State University Beach Volleyball Player" - Move Client



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